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Holy shit has it been that long since I posted?  It seems stress and sleeping less is not conducive to vivid dreams. And onward…

The low hanging branches of an old oak tree swayed over my head in the breeze.  I had just awoke and was lying on my back, in my bed, which was set on the back lawn of my parents’ house.   As I studied the leaves and bark above me, something caught my eye.  Sitting on a lower branch directly above me was a large fluffy baby owl.  It was little more than a basketball sized ball of fluff with two saucer eyes and wicked looking talons.

I quickly became a little uneasy.  It was staring, unblinking, right at me.  It opened its mouth, cocked its head, and said, “Herrrrvv?”  I had no idea what it was asking me, so I repeated it’s query back.  Again it asked me, this time louder and drawing out the word.  “Herrrrrrvvvvv?”

Suddenly the owl’s legs vanished, and its perchless torso bounced off the branch it had just moments before been sitting on.  The owlet rebounded off a few more branches until it plopped on its head in my lap.  I tried to stifle my panic at the thought of it regrowing legs and talons and shredding my abdomen to bloody pieces.