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Two frustrated men stood outside the office’s side door, obviously having forgotten their security badges to get in.  I approached them and smiled, gesturing to my badge.  They stood aside as I opened the door and held it for them to enter.  The elevator ride up to the reception area was quick and quiet.

The secretary behind the desk smiled and waved at me as I passed, then turned to greet the two men I had helped enter the building.  Her smile quickly faded as each pulled a handgun from his jacket and pointed it in her face.  I reacted in an instant, reversing direction and sprinting towards one of the gangsters.  So quick was my move that they couldn’t  react until I had one in a firm choke hold, squeezing his carotid artery off and rapidly plunging him into unconsciousness.  His companion whirled towards me to fire his gun, but I disarmed my human shield, took up the gun while maintaining the strangle lock and fired a single shot, dropping him.

The flailing gang member still in my grasp tried to reach back to get hold of my head or free himself, but was too weak to put up much of a fight.  I placed the gun’s barrel to his temple and pulled the trigger.

It took days for me to recover from the adrenaline surge and subsequent crash of the realization of taking two lives, even if they did turn out to be from a rival gang,  but I hoped a trip to Big Al would help.

“Ain’t no nothing, icing somebody,”  he said. “Gotta keep on doin’ yo thang.”

Thanks, Big Al.