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I continued the long climb up the metal ladder.  The view of the stomach turning drop below me was mostly obscured by the bars and circular supports surrounding the ladder as it scaled the steep cliff face.   My dad climbed immediately below me, with nearly a hundred people in line following us up.  I reached the top and slid out the metal gangway that led to a rock ledge just in front of the ladder’s top.  The ledge ran for several yards to my right directly up to the entrance to the Mexican fortress carved out from the granite cliff.

We ran quickly inside before we could be seen and immediately assailed the cashier there.  He laughed at us.  “I only have $110 dollars, so the joke’s on you!”

“That’s okay,” my dad replied.  We’re not here for your till money.  To show this fact he even took out a large plastic scoop from his pocket and emptied a huge pile of change into the open register in front of the cashier.

I walked across the room and rummaged through some cupboards.  I had to move piles of snacks and pastries aside to get what I was looking for.  “Here we go!” I exclaimed.  I held up a neat stack of $5,000,000 worth of currency paper, just waiting for us to print money out on when we got back.

I kicked back with the rest of my family and threaded up an old movie projector, passing the time eating popcorn while we waited for the money to print.


Melissa and I were sitting in the living room, talking to our new college roommates about how we had met and become friends.

“It was 2008.  We were waiting in line for the new Indiana Jones movie.”

“Yeah, that sounds right.”