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Kevin and I were returning to our motel room, walking along the sidewalk with rolling luggage in tow.  I was dressed in a fine suit of imported silk.  We turned onto the concrete path leading to our motel room door, one in a long line facing the residential street.  I glanced at the window of the room next to ours and saw someone looking back out.  They were frantically banging on the glass, silently screaming with urgency.

“Something’s not right, Kevin.  Wait,” I said. “Something is wrong. Don’t open the door. Let’s get out of here. The mob must have found us.”  Kevin lowered the room key and turned with me to leave.  The ear splitting screech of tires grabbed our attention.  A minivan came roaring down the street and skidded in a U-turn to a stop in front of us.  The side door flew open and Matt yelled for us to jump in quick.  His mom sat behind the wheel.

We threw in our luggage and quickly followed it ourselves.  I clicked my seat belt and the door slammed shut.  I looked out the back window of the van.  A green 1969 Dodge Charger leapt out of its parking space on the street in a cloud of tire smoke.  Its occupants were tough looking characters in suits and fedoras. The Charger sped across the street and rammed into the back of the van.  Metal crumpled and shattered glass filled the air.

“We’re boned,” I said.  “Just stop, maybe they won’t kill us.”  Matt’s mom floored the accelerator, and the minivan instantly took off.  The Charger followed in close pursuit.  I had never seen such driving.  Matt’s mom handled the van like it was a race car, careening around corners, jumping curbs to cut corners and purposefully sideswiping the low stone walls in front of neighborhood houses to avoid slowing down too much around turns.  We achieved speeds over 70 mph as the houses on either side diminished to a blur. The mob car slowly began losing ground until it tried to take one corner too tightly and spun out, coming to rest after it slammed into the side of one house’s nearby woodpile.

We finally reached the safety of the convention center.  It was far too crowded here for the mob to make their move.  Matt and his mom dropped us off and we took our luggage inside.

I stopped and smacked my forehead. “Oh man!  I forgot my sunglasses in the motel room!  Those things cost me $175!”  I was lying, they really only cost $150.  Monica showed up to tell me where I could buy some good replacements.

Emily emerged from the crowd and was overjoyed to see her brothers alive.  She gave us hugs.


Tomas and I frantically assembled our defense turrets before the next Alien Swarm could arrive.  His sentry gun was nearly complete, but my missile turret was taking longer than expected.  The metal grating beneath our feet began to move and a large trap door in the factory floor split open to make way for a rising platform.

Two sentient robot cars emerged from the darkness below.  Tomas and I knew this was our only chance, and we each jumped onto a car.  I positioned myself on the roof of the blue Dodge Challenger as quickly as I could, tucking my legs  into the open windows on either side.  Just as I was seated, the car peeled out with a roar of acceleration.  Tires screeched and the car blasted out of the factory into a dirt field, hurling dry soil and clods of grass into the air behind us.

Tomas’ car wasn’t far behind and the two machines began weaving in and out of each others path, tearing through the countryside in a playful game of chase.  We blew passed my parents’ house in Cottonwood and I leaned to the left, guiding the car in a tight turn that tossed a wave of gravel in our wake.  I underestimated the car’s path and found myself in a collision course with a white wooden fence.

I closed my eyes and the car smashed through, hitting a dip in the ground and pitching up sideways.  Throwing my arms out to the side I ditched, leaving the car to tumble sideways and roll over and over in a chaotic crash of sheering metal and broken glass.

I picked myself up off the ground, brushing dirt from my clothes and hair.  A shadow fell across the ground in front of me and I turned to see MC Hammer.

“You’re in trouble now!” he said. “I told you not to be messin’ with my cars.  Now you’re grounded.  No going to the docks for you!”

I hung my head in disappointment and shame.