The birthday party was pretty pathetic.  I don’t know who’s birthday it was, but they couldn’t have been thrilled that it was decorated with just a few wilting streamers and some halfhearted confetti drifting down from the ceiling.  And in a McDonald’s?  Ouch.

I turned from watching the party to regard the fast food kitchen behind me as I waited for my food.  Leaning against the counter had me surrounded on three sides by the cooks and kitchen equipment.   A large white tub sitting on a table in the kitchen grabbed my attention.  It was filled with half a dozen or so beef tongues awaiting preparation.  I excitedly addressed some of the cooks.

“Oh man, you guys have tongue?  I love tongue!  What’s it in?”  

“Well, it’s in some of our stuff,” replied one.

“You tell me what it’s in and I will order it!”

They seemed pretty confused that I was actually interested in chowing down on some delicious tongue.  They figured I’d  be disgusted in discovering it was an ingredient in some McDonald’s food.

“No way, I love it,” I said.  “You’ve got to serve it steaming hot, right out of the pot.”  I looked around some more and noticed the air conditioner on one of their refrigerator units.  “Oh, so you guys have your own air conditioner too?”

Soon I was negotiating a trade that would have me purchase a new A/C for them, and they would give me a tongue a week to eat.  They offered to give me a tour of their butcher’s shop where they got the tongue so I’d know it was quality.

  1. Rae says:

    I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I don’t think McDonald’s knows what a butcher shop is. 😉

  2. chiquitar says:

    Man, I miss tongue. Haven’t had it in ages. If McD’s sold it, I’d be there a lot more often.

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