Needs More Nazis

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Reality
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It’s a potentially controversial request, but hear me out.  I dreamt the other night that Nazi Joffrey Bieber was hogging all the straw from my straw bed to prop up his hurt leg.  While I can’t remember much more than that about it, it did get me contemplating dreaming about Nazis.

Why haven’t I had more Nazis in my dreams?  They’re iconic villains in literature, film, and video games.  Everybody loves to hate Nazis.  Their motives and methods are widely known and they’re  instantly recognizable.   Who wouldn’t want to beat up on some Third Reichers?

I’ve tussled with gangs, had a run in with the mob, fought devil dogs, been swarmed by aliens, and even escaped zombie bears.  But have I had an Indiana Jones worthy showdown with Nazis?

No.  How disappointing.

  1. Joanna says:

    Ha! I don’t dream about Nazis as such, but holocaust dreams featuring mushroom clouds are common. They’re actually particularly terrifying, apart from dreams about tornadoes or meteors hitting Earth.

  2. edrevets says:

    My dreams suck. Writing a blog on them would be only slightly better than blogging about the world from a duvet cover’s point of view.

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