The Corpse Barn

Posted: November 12, 2011 in Memories of things that didn't happen
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The heavy rain had finally let up, and my young friend and I entered the barn looking for some mischief and fun.  The interior was poorly lit, but the ceiling cast a faint blue light down from its metal roof.  The barn’s large open space was completely flooded and had become a deep pool of black water.  On the other side of the door an old wooden boat lay broken but still floating against the wall.  Long ropes and steel cables hung from the ceiling, drooping across the water and boat.  Suspended high above the boat was the corpse of a man who had hanged himself with the cables.

We jumped in the cold dark water and began swimming out to the boat.  The plan was to climb up the ropes above the boat and then let go, plummeting through the open cargo hold below and rebounding back up off some old, warped lumber and out into the water.  It was going to be fun, my friend reassured me.  He’d done it many times before.

I slowly pulled myself up the ropes, mostly avoiding glances at the hanging corpse as I climbed.  Scattered drops of water still rained from the cracks in the roof near my head. My friend smiled up at me from below where he tread water near the boat, waiting for me to let go.  I looked down and grimaced.  The path to the open hole in the boat was not directly below me, and looked much too dangerous.

Instead I reached across to another hanging rope, this one suspended by a pulley near the ceiling.  I descended rather quickly as the counterweight on the other side of the pulley burst out of the water.  It was another corpse, pale and rotten.  I dropped into the pool and swam to its edge where it met a shop room inside the barn.  This room wasn’t flooded yet, but a steady rain picked up that dripped through the ceiling and penetrated my rain coat.  The cold water slid down my back and I hunched over, sneaking between bits of old farm machinery parts as I sought an exit.


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