Am I in your Dreams, or are You in Mine?

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Reality
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I returned today from nearly 2 weeks of hectic scheduling that included confirming a transfer to a new office, an incredible whitewater rafting trip (yes, another one), and apartment hunting in the Bay Area.  And so it was that I checked on my poor, neglected little blog here with its latest entry of July 19th. To my surprise it had accumulated a fair amount of hits.  It seems Google has seen fit to place me on the interwebs, rewarding its surfers with my little acre of oddness.

So to blatantly steal a post idea from my good friend Rae at Peas and Cougars, here’s what no doubt disappointed searchers were looking for but instead found me.

ruined city

I think you were trying for Detroit.  Then again  I do live in Las Vegas, and that’s pretty damn close.

wilson seal

Instead of actually looking to see what a Wilson Seal is, I’m going to picture a large harbor seal peeking over a fence giving advice to Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor.  Yes, I like that.

demon hound

I’m afraid I can’t recommend any breeders.

chimpanzees fighting monkeys

This post now delayed 30 minutes due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts. (goes and searches YouTube for chimpanzees fighting monkeys)

hardly strictly bluegrass mc hammer

On the contrary, I found MC Hammer to be quite strict when I took his robot cars out for a joyride.

being chased by a sheep in a dream

Sheep aren’t all that fast or smart.  I think you’ll be okay.

what do sheep dream

Wouldn’t we all like to know.

rickshaws (or rickshas) are a mode of human-powered transport: a runner draws a two-wheeled cart which seats one or tw…

Who the hell types something this long into Google?  You already know what they are, what are you looking for?  This is like looking up “dictionary” in a dictionary.

the facebook effect

It’s dangerous.

electric sheep star wars

Adding electric sheep to the Star Wars prequels probably would have improved them.  Or wait, was that what that General Grevious character was supposed to be?

demon dog

Is there really that big of a demand for these things?  I see a market that needs to be capitalized upon.  I’m going to need to borrow someone’s dog.  Oh, and your soul.  I can make this work.

mom and matty

I have absolutely no desire to find out what your mom and matty were up to last night.

dreamed of pack of dogs sniffing me

Were they demon dogs?  Where were they sniffing you?  I need more information!

chased by sheep dream

Still?  Okay man, maybe you have problems.




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