The Facebook Effect

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Reality

Recently I have been consistently observing a pattern of sorts related to who appears in my dreams.  It’s easy to believe that people I am in frequent contact with, like my brother and best friends, would show up in my brain’s nightly decompression of the day’s experiences and feelings, but what about people I don’t see or even speak to much?  I imagine like many people in this digital age, I tend to check Facebook and other Intertubes time wasters sometime in the hours before sleep.  Facebook in particular presents me with a variety of people whom have had varying degrees of involvement in my life over the years.  I do wonder from time to time if people get weirded out when they make cameos in my dreams, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they reached the point of remembering two or three dreams a night that some unexpected people would pop up in theirs as well.

So just seeing a brief status update about how someone hates Mondays may be enough to trigger a dream involving someone I’ve never even met in person or an acquaintance I only see every few years.  So, my Facebook friends, know that any post you make, especially if it’s shortly before sleepy time, risks catapulting you into my dreams.  It may get you killed by Charlie Sheen’s lightning bolts or fabricate a false origin of our friendship.

You’ve been warned.


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