Dream within a Dream

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Memories of things that didn't happen
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I had just finished my at bat for the Chicago White Sox.  It hadn’t gone well, and I had pulled a muscle in my leg.  I lay on my stomach in the grass off the right field foul line, stretching my leg.  We were still at bat.  A loud crack signaled the batter hitting a high fly ball.  The ball soared upwards into the sky, hung a bit at its peak, and then plummeted downward to strike me in the leg.  This wasn’t the best place to be doing my stretching obviously, so I climbed up into the stands to sit beside my brother and uncle.

I reclined on my back on the bleacher seats and my grandmother’s dog walked over my face.  “Stupid dog.”  Uncle Mike reached behind him and pulled out a wrapped present for Kevin and I.  We tore the wrapping off in eager anticipation only to reveal a 2-year-old’s coloring book.  “Wow, thanks.”

At this point I dreamed waking up.

I awoke and groggily reached for my iPhone with which to record my dream.  I tried unlocking it, but the screen refused to illuminate and I struggled to see the keypad.  Eventually I got it working and set to record a voice memo detailing the dream I just had about baseball and receiving a lame coloring book.  I simultaneously called up Melanie and told her about it.

Then I really woke up and was confused as hell.  Had I already recorded this dream?  Why did I tell Melanie about it?  What the hell is going on?


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