Training my Brain

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Reality

As the casual consumers (all three of them) of this blog can attest, my post frequency can plummet to months between entries.  I’m sure most people can sympathize, as remembering your dreams is a tricky prospect.  During the peak of my postings, I was actively pursuing methods that help you remember your dreams, and had quite a bit of success.  Recently I have been avoiding posting dreams in which I can only remember fragments or themes instead of detailed narratives I can still recall vividly when I was training my brain.

That raises the question of what’s more interesting to potential readers.  This comes to mind because my blog has been getting quite a few more hits recently, thanks to being linked to my now Internet famous friend and flowchart aficionado behind Peas and Cougars.  So should I post the short fragments of dreams I can recall instead of posting none at all?  This risks diluting things to a point where I reach daily entries no more than a few sentences long.  For example, last night I can only recall visiting a church to attend a council between priests and demons, and being let in the door.

Either way, I’m going to commit once more to putting effort into dreaming, if one can put effort into that sort of thing.  The next step of course, is lucid dreaming, an experience I’ve had once or twice in my life.  The power of the sleeping brain is an amazing thing when harnessed.


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