My Bad

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Memories of things that didn't happen
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Lucas and I had been drinking with some friends, hanging out in my apartment.  We went into a spare room where Lucas had been storing a bunch of his music equipment.  The room was full of amps, guitars, microphones, sound boards and mixers.  I bent to pick up a fog machine and foolishly chose to grip it by the water nozzle.  The nozzle broke off, shooting a jet of water into the air that wildly sprayed the entire room.  The equipment was soaked and completely ruined.

The damage came to $211,000.  I told Lucas I’d see if my renter’s insurance would pay for it.

  1. Steven says:

    Man, Melissa makes a lot more money than I thought. Snap!

  2. Melissa B. says:

    Maybe this will convince Lucas to get rid of that damn fog machine away. Seriously, every time there’s a full moon he just has to whip it out…

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